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Meetings, Procedures, Policies, Minutes and  Bylaws

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Member Meetings  (read below to learn about membership)

  • February & May for “UMMAS ministers” at various UMMAS churches.  Changing locations allows us to become acquainted with each other’s church facilities, community, and practices.  We also enjoy the spiritual renewal of a short vacation “get-away.”  Sometimes we extend the February or May meeting by a day or two for a special training experience or a ministers’ retreat. Usually held on the 1st Monday in February and the 1st Monday in May.
  • July is a meeting for Leaders of Unity centers. Members do not meet seperately.
  • September before the annual UMMAS Retreat in Hendersonville NC (ministers arrive a day early to Retreat for this meeting).

A typical schedule for Feb. & May Member Meetings:


  • 1:30 Gather for hugs – or check in to your hotel 
  •  2pm: “Heart-Check” – a time for personal support.  Each person shares a few minutes of update about what’s happening in your life, especially your personal life.  This non-judgmental personal support is the heart of UMMAS, the process by which we bond and grow.
  • Dinner together, paid by UMMAS


  • Continue/Finish “Heart-Check” as needed
  • Share ideas and “how to” of what works in our churches
  • Business meeting – financial report, tithe decisions, planning our events, etc.
  • Dinner on your own (small groups chose local restaurant)


  • Continue/Finish Business, if needed (sometimes we dismiss at the end of Tuesday. Some members stay for another day of spiritual refueling)

Definition of Active Membership: (Guidelines; Feb 2012, amended 2017)

All Spiritual Leaders of a Unity ministry in AL, GA, NC, SC, and TN. and beyond may be a member of UMMAS. “Spiritual Leader” includes:  Ministers, Associate Ministers, Co-ministers, retired Unity ministers, inactive Unity ministers, and Unity ministers leading “alternative” forms of ministry; the designated spiritual leader of a Unity church or center, and their spouses/partners-in-ministry.  Spouses are full voting members and may hold office. Unity ministers in nearby states are also welcome: (Bylaws Section 3.01)  We casually call this inclusive group “UMMAS Ministers.” 

Active UMMAS membership is established after one year of attending at least one regular UMMAS business meeting and/or supporting UMMAS through gifts and tithes.

Active UMMAS membership is maintained by attending at least one regular UMMAS business meeting a year and/or supporting UMMAS during each active year through gifts or tithes, either personally or through their ministry.

Travel Voucher policy (adopted May 2010, amended Feb 2014)

We offer up to five (5), $200 travel vouchers to UMMAS ministers/spiritual leaders who want to come to UMMAS meetings, based on the following criteria: Distance from site meeting, Availability of funds. Deadline is 6 weeks prior to meeting. Send request to Treasurer, Susan Torres

New ministers policy (affirmed Feb 2012)

To welcome you into UMMAS, a minister/spiritual leader is invited to attend his/her first UMMAS meeting for free…  UMMAS will pay for lodging.

In addition, you will be granted “active member” status for purposes of Retreat registration for the first Retreat that occurs after you move into the UMMAS area.


Members contribute to the Kanuga Retreat

UMMAS pays most of the cost for all active UMMAS Ministers & Spiritual Leaders and their spouses to attend.  Each UMMAS active member pays a small portion of the fee.  All are expected to assist in various ways at the retreat… some of the opportunities for service include:

  • Lead a Vespers service or Morning Meditation
  • Give a workshop
  • Program Directors – coordinate speakers/schedule, do introductions
  • Registration
  • Publicity – prepare Flyer and Schedule
  • Help at Registration/Check-in table
  • Retreat “Chaplains” – available for informal counseling, answering questions for retreat participants
  • Lead/Organize “extra” programs: some ideas: Evening Fellowship in the lobby, Sing-a-long in the lobby, Talent Show, Nature Walk/Hike, pre-retreat whitewater raft trip, Twelve Step meeting, golf or tennis match, jog together, yoga, etc. 

UMMAS members arrive at the Kanuga Retreat a day early.  We meet at 2:00 for Heart-Check and dinner together at 6pm.  We continue with a short meeting the next morning to discuss last-minute details of the retreat and are treated to a presentation by the keynote to the UMMAS members only.  (Per usual meeting participation policy, non-UMMAS members who may be traveling to Retreat with you are not invited to any of these meetings.)

Retreat Registration policy, amended Feb. 7, 2012:

Any active member of UMMAS may pay a reduced rate for self and spouse/partner, to attend the Kanuga retreat. Unity ministers/spiritual leaders who are not active UMMAS members, may attend the Retreat at the regular registration fee.

Retreat Workshop Presenter policy, amended Feb. 2008: The requirement for an UMMAS member to teach a workshop at the Kanuga retreat is that the prospective presenter must attend either the February or May business meeting of said year.

Grant & Scholarship Guidelines – Policy (revised Feb. 2006) for UMMAS expenditures for grants and scholarships.  Includes grants for financial assistance to Licensed Unity Teachers, Field Licensing Program, new building for an UMMAS ministry, retreats & leadership trainings, and other needs that arise for active UMMAS members. See details at UMMAS Grants.pdf

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